April 29, 2014
ISONEM MD 28 (Flexible Waterproofing Compound)
ISONEM MD 28 (Flexible Waterproofing Compound)
April 25, 2014

ISONEM MS 20 (Capillary Plaster)

ISONEM MS 20 - Capillary Plaster is a special plaster produced for the improvement of humid and damaged walls.

The walls absorb to existing water which is loaded various salts like carbonate, sulfate, nitrate from the soil in different seasons via capillary canals and spaces. Then the water absorbed from the soil evaporates and the moisture trace of water and the salts absorbed from the soil remained back. These salts accumulate in the wall and the plaster over time, and when they come back in contact with moisture, they come forth from the wall by popping up the paint and even the plaster.

In order to solve this problem, ISONEM MS 20 is made of capillary plaster and water is allowed to evaporate rapidly without any trace of moisture. ISONEM MS 20 contains micro-spaces that store salts and prevent their expansion. It is prevented that the salts damage to the paint and the plaster thanks to these spaces. It prevents swelling due to the efflorescence. ISONEM MS 20 is hydrophobic (water repellent). It provides thermal insulation thanks to microcavities up to 40%.


In humid walls such as bathroom, kitchen, basement,

On the walls in contact with soil

Subbasements and all kinds of paint blistering