ISONEM Paint, Waterproofing & Insulation Technologies is a Turkish brand developed with high end technology by her specialized R & D team that has assumed a leading role in innovations in the sector. ISONEM Paint, Waterproofing & Insulation Technologies is the best of her kind currently marketed in Nigeria and West Africa at large, with our Head Office located at #469 Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State.

We have HEAT, SOUND, FIRE, WATERPROOFING and SPECIALTY CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in defense, energy, agriculture, industrial areas with the use of innovative products in the future to benefit humanity and the world. Since all these years, we have succeeded in making a name for ourselves with our achievements by adopting high technology as a principle in every stage. We are currently covering all the 36 states of Nigeria and West Africa.

We have never used biocidal raw materials within our products.

Working with an understanding that continuously develops, improves and enhances its targets at the optimum level, we have become a leading company in Paint, Waterproof, Insulation Technologies and many others. We have easily to use products, affordable when compared with others and has long lasting effect to give you the peace and comfort you deserve.

As Isonem, our mission is protecting the nature via electricity generating external house-paints, paints which convert CO2 into Oxygen and many innovative products; and to present a better world worth living.


Chief Sir J. A. Ifejiofor

Chief Sir John Ifejiofor is the Managing Director, Isonem Paints, Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies (West Africa), Chairman and Principal Designs Partner of Legend Interior Ltd, a furniture and interior decoration company, Legend Engineering and Construction Ltd, a building/road construction company and Legend Samsung Service Center, an accredited Samsung Electronics and Customer Service Center. Always budding with fresh ideas, Sir John Ifejiofor, an Interior Decor Consultant and astute business man is readily willing to transform bland locations/sites into uncommon and inspiring comfort zones.

Sir John Ifejiofor is at the forefront of Legend Interior’s legendary interior design philosophy of “making your house a home” and provides credible leadership to a team of professionals and interior design enthusiasts.

Over the years, his modest approach to life and his avowed love for quality and comfort and a growing distaste for mediocrity has seen him strategically championing wide-ranging business concerns thereby gradually equipping himself with diverse knowledge, hence building the foundation for a lifelong career in interior and exterior decor. His growing love for interior design, antiques, fashion and passion for merging disparate styles, colours, images, patterns into a tapestry of beautiful cohesive livable environments became the overriding reason to establish Legend Interiors Limited.

Chief Sir J. A. Ifejiofor is a seasoned entrepreneur, industrialist, philanthropist & business guru. He also doubles as the founder and CEO of Legend Interiors and Global Resource Concerns with branches all over Nigeria.He believes in building a better world worth living.

Since then, the company has grown and is still growing into a signature investment that both the community where it is located and the people within are very proud to be associated with it. Through what may be called ‘divine vision’ backed by a diligent spirit, Sir John Ifejiofor whilst providing leadership for Legend Interiors has galvanized the company into a very well nurtured and diversified company in Nigeria (from just an Interior company to a company with subsidiaries including Paint, Electronics, Construction and Outsourcing).

Though with headquarters in Asaba, capital of Delta State and with other branches in the other regions of Nigeria, Legend interiors Limited have become a bride and first partner of choice for global interior and electronics giants who want to collaborate with Nigerian companies. No doubt, his leadership acumen has attracted several franchises to the Legend Interior brand. Owing to unparalleled commitment to client’s satisfaction and effective service delivery, Legend Samsung branded shop; a subsidiary of Legend Interiors Limited was awarded Certificate of Excellence on 17th October, 2014 in Lagos. In addition, due to his good sense of focus, diligence, creative ability and innovative strategies, he was approved by the ISONEM Company as the Sole distributor/marketer of Isonem Paint, Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies products with a franchise for the whole of West Africa.