These are no ordinary paints. As their names imply, the are special paints made not only to give protective coverings and decorative designs to our environment, but also has special features like no other paint has.

ISONEM MAGNETIC PLASTER – Plaster, On Which Magnets Can Be Placed
ISONEM WRITE & ERASE VARNISH – allows you to use your walls / surfaces as a board with markers.
ISONEM ANTI SOUND PAINT – acoustic paint which is used to stop and reduce sounds, is designed to absorb and proof the sound in the best possible way.
ISONEM ANTIFIRE PAINT PLUS – It is developed for protecting buildings against fire.
ISONEM ANTI-FIRE PAINT – Fire retardant paint is a non-flammable, fire proof paint.
ISONEM THERMAL PAINT -Interior-Exterior Heat Insulation Paint
ISONEM THERMAL ROOF – Roof Thermal Insulation Coating
ISONEM MULTICOLOR PAINT – Water Based Multicolor Decorative Paint
and many more