You have always known glass in it’s solid state. ISONEM Liquid Glass is simply glass! One that doesn’t break, waterproofs and protects your surfaces with very strong adhesion on surfaces like glass, mosaic, tile, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, wooden, concrete, screed, PVC, galvanized steel, aluminum, etc. 

Not affected by any weather condition!

It is highly resistant to the atmospheric conditions and can be produced as transparent or colored. It has excellent water resistance as well as high chemical and physical resistance. It is a two-component product that can be used for waterproofing as well as decoration.

It is not affected by UV and weather conditions. Yellowing, fading or lifting off over time does not occur. Especially in solving insulation problems arising on the floors such as balconies, terraces, bathrooms, pools, etc., it is easily applied without defecting and damaging the existing coating.

Usage Area


Prevents escape of water through bathroom walls, causing damage and dampness on the other sides of the house.


The kitchen is a busy place and water is very important in the kitchen. You can waterproof the kitchen areas.


Coat your balcony with Liquid Glass to leave it shiny and 100% protected.

Leaking Decks

Fix your leaky decks once and for all with Isonem Liquid Glass. It waterproofs your top decks.

Special Stones

You don't have to be afraid anymore about loosing your precious or special stones to the mercies of weather. Coat with the transparent liquid glass for optimum protection.

Other Surfaces

Glass, glass brick, mosaic, mosaic tile, Tiles, ceramics, marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain surfaces In press bricks, On wooden surfaces, Balcony, terrace, bathroom, kitchen, stone-covered exterior. Ceramic, glass mosaic covered ornamental pools.