Press Release: ISONEM Sierra Leone Begins Officially
April 10, 2021

Today marks the UN World Water Day 2021. Water is the driving force in nature, it is the lifeblood of humanity, our Nations, our economics and our well-being.

Oh well, water can also be a big problem for your building when you do not handle certain things well at the building stage. At ISONEM, we do not see water as a problem, we see it as part of our life that needs to be controlled and utilized.

This is why we have remained committed to innovative products for waterproofing of every part of your building which results in the prevention or treatment of rising damp and other water-induced problems.

Far from preventing water induced damages to buildings, we have breakthrough products that could be used in waterproofing septic tanks, preventing leakages that could slowly but dangerously permeate into your boreholes and underground water tanks causing all manner of infections that could be life-threatening.

Our solution for underground tanks, septic tanks, swimming pool, fish ponds and so on have been marked and certified safe by various reputable and international organisations.

As we mark World Water Day 2021, we felt it could be great to remind you about our commitments and also let you know that we are not failing in our promises to continue offering you breakthrough products that do not only protect your buildings and properties against water problems but also protect you, your water systems and things that depend on water.

Our team of experts are always ready to inspect and guide you on which product is best for you. In commemoration of World Water Day 2021, we are offering free consultations to help identify what solution can work for you as every problem is unique.