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Paint, Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies

Isonem Paint Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies is a Turkish brand and the best of her kind presently in Nigeria. With her references scattered around the world, it has assumed a leading role in innovations in the sector with its R & D team specialized in its field. We have HEAT, SOUND, FIRE, WATERPROOFING and SPECIALTY CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in defense, energy, agriculture, industrial areas with the use of innovative products in the future to benefit humanity and the world. Since all these years, we have succeeded in making a name for ourselves with our domestic and international achievements by adopting high technology as a principle in every stage. We are currently covering all the 36 states of Nigeria and the Whole West Africa. You too can sign up to partner with us in your city.


Isonem Paint, Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies

Working with an understanding that continuously develops, improves and enhances its targets at the optimum level, we have become a leading company in Paint and Insulation Technologies. We have never used biocidal raw materials within our products.

Isonem Paint, Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies

Follow us on all our social media handles (Facebook/Twitter: @IsonemNigeria, Instagram: @isonemng) for exciting products’ updates and discounts. Our waterproofing products, anti moisture paint, thermal paints, anti fire products, nano clean, soil hardener, soil water trap, floor paints, liquid glass, floor coating, erasable paint, asphalt paint, ep primer, magnetic plaster, disposable fire extinguisher, leveling coating, sound proof paint, dirt repellent,concrete hardener, glossy, decorative paint, multi-purpose paint, shine floor, glossy floor and lots more have been proven to be the best all around the world…second to none.

Isonem | Paint Waterproofing and Insulation Technologies

Having damp walls?
Swelling walls, moisture and humidity problems? Use MS 82 (Anti-MoisturePaint…